Proposed New Build Consultation


Outwood Grange Academies Trust (OGAT) is a multi-academy trust sponsor. The OGAT Family of Schools currently comprises of twenty-one academies who work together to ensure that all children, irrespective of their starting point, receive an excellent education. We relish the opportunity to be part of the much needed regeneration within the geographical areas in which we work and wish to play a full role in the wider community. We believe that schools should be beacons in their communities.

Background Information

The current building at Outwood Primary Academy Kirkhamgate is past its designed life expectancy and is not conducive to implementing a modern learning environment. Classrooms are not a suitable size and we are unable to harness modern day technology effectively in the current classrooms and they are unsuitable in their size. OPA Kirkhamgate is an Outstanding primary academy, a national support school, and a teaching school.

The birth rate for the Outwood pyramid has ranged between 274 and 350, with the peak being in 2012/13. These high numbers have put an increased pressure on current school places and the new building will allow us to expand the admission number and enable more children to attend from Nursery upwards.

Through the identification of Local Development Framework (LDF) housing sites and other planning applications, there are plans for approximately 3640 new dwellings in the Outwood area.

Over 800 of these new homes have been completed and the anticipated pupil yield from a further 1300 dwellings has been included in our current school place forecasting. No planning applications have been received as yet for 440 of the planned dwellings.

The Proposal

In order to support the forecast demand for primary school places within the Outwood area it is proposed to expand the existing school building and increase the admission number from 25 to 30 at OPAK through a formal process. The admission number increase would start in reception from September 2019 and then feed through into subsequent year groups year on year.

The proposal is to rebuild the existing school on the current site with minimal disruption to the current school. The plan below shows the proposed design of the finished build, that will house 8 classrooms, an up to date ICT suite and systems, as well as enabling continuous provision for the Nursery and plenty of external play for all pupils to enjoy. The new design also provides adequate parking for staff, parents and visitors in a safe area away from Students. Safeguarding and health and safety are the highest priority.