🏛 School Parliament

School Parliament

Our School Parliament play an active role in the development of our academy - enhancing learning opportunities whilst steering learning towards children's interests. They regularly meet with SLT to share their ideas and host whole school projects throughout the academic year.

Meet our School Parliament


“I enjoy being part of the School Parliament because I can see the difference I am making.”

School Parliament

“The best part is when we help with school assemblies.”

School Parliament

“When we work together, we can make a change!”

School Parliament

At Outwood Primary Academy, Kirkhamgate, our School Parliament play an active role in driving the school forward and steer learning to meet children's interests. Meeting with our Parliament Lead and SLT, children regularly share their thoughts on how to make the academy an even better place and launch projects across the school - this can involve hosting whole school assemblies or overseeing through-school projects that are accessible for all children.

Throughout the last academic year, the School Parliament, as part of their elective curriculum, have been involved in:

- Climate Change Project
- Playground Markings
- Sustainability Summit
- Local Community Project
- Plastic Pollution Project
- Anti-Bullying Project
- Time To Showcase Event

We appreciate the School Parliament's involvement that has enriched the learning opportunities for all children in the academy over the past year. Thank you.